Workplace culture is important.
So is beating Harold in Accounting.

How It Works

You choose a 5, 10, or 20-day league and then via the power of a daily five-minute trivia quiz taken online, colleagues will compete, collaborate, and connect. It’s virtual team-building that isn’t awkward.

League Types & Pricing

From a quick 5-day “Try-It” league to our full-fledged 20-day affair complete with a playoff bracket. All at affordable prices.

Why it Works

Holly is destined to be a Jeopardy! champion. Larry thinks Billy Joel was in The Beatles. They’ll both enjoy Colleague Quiz League.

Play An Example Quiz

Play an actual quiz!  In the CQL, each quiz is fifteen questions with a five-minute timer. Don’t worry, you get multiple guesses for each question. Just watch the timer!

Ready to Go?

Contact us at for questions, pricing info, or to get started.

In the Meantime…

Check out for all your trivia and quizzing needs!

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