How Colleague Quiz League Works

Step 1 - The Setup

Choose a 5, 10, or 20-day league. Tell us once you’ve got all your colleagues rounded up.  We need at least eight players to run a league and each player will need to create a free-account on (we’ll help).

Everyone completes a 25-question general knowledge quiz. The results of this quiz will determine which group each colleague starts in. We call these groups buckets.

Step 2 - Let’s Get Quizzical

Each weekday, your host will share a link to a
15-question quiz. Each quiz takes five minutes and can be played anytime during the day. Easy peasy.

For each of those quizzes, each player goes
head-to-head against another player trying to earn the best score.

After all the quizzes are in, your host will tabulate the scores and post the results, a recap, and updated standings. Rinse and repeat.

Step 3 - Talk It Up

Many of our quizzes are designed to lead to natural conversation among your colleagues.

Remember, the league is all done virtually, so establishing a dedicated Slack/Microsoft Teams channel for this is the best way to go, but we’ve also used email, Facebook Groups, etc.

Step 4 - Playoffs
(20-day league only)

After the first three weeks are complete, then comes the playoffs. The size of the league dictates the number of people who make the bracket.

Be the winner of your bucket in any given week and you make it in. If you don’t, will you have what it takes to gain a coveted wildcard spot?

After the tournament ends, a champion is crowned and the final rank of every colleague is revealed.

Five Minutes of Fun Each Day Keeps the Boredom Away

Every day we post the scores to the quiz and the updated standings. At the end of each week, we promote the top players in each bucket to the next highest bucket. The lower placing colleagues move down a bucket, thus creating easier matchups for them next week.

Ready to Go?

Contact us at for questions, pricing info, or to get started.

In the Meantime…

Check out for all your trivia and quizzing needs!

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