People want to connect with each other. 
CQL is the mentally-stimulating diversion that does that.

At Sporcle, we’ve hosted tens of thousands of live trivia events and our website quizzes have been played over three billion times. We specialize in making knowledge fun.

The Colleague Quiz League is designed to be inclusive of everyone:
Chris loves learning new things in the quizzes.
Jen loves learning new things about her fellow colleagues.
Parker loves getting promoted to new buckets after a good week.
Milan just wants to make the playoffs.
Mike can’t wait until the day he plays Jeremy.
Bottom line is everyone has fun and becomes more connected!

Quizzes that Connect

Many of our quizzes create talking points.  Colleagues chat about their jobs, favorite things as a kid, favorite vacations, their high school, and more.  

There’s no pressure for the players to chat and connect, but in our test runs we found over 85% do when using Slack/Teams!  

The Colleagues Have Spoken

“This is by far the favorite part of my day.”
- Stephanie A.

”I have to say that everything about this CQL is better than anything else like it.  The bucketing of users gives me something to strive for, without getting beaten down by the top players every time.”
- Matt R.

“What am I going to do after this?  Can we do another one?”
- Alan A.

“I can’t believe how much more I know about my coworkers now.  And I can’t believe I beat Jason.”
- Sarah C.

Ready to Go?

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In the Meantime…

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