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Q: What if I’m not good at trivia? Will I have fun?

A: The beauty of this format is that it is inclusive of all skill levels. The goal isn’t to trivia-shame people; it’s to create fun via trivia.

Q: What if a player knows they won’t be available to take a quiz on a given day, whether they’re sick, on vacation, or otherwise unavailable?

A: Email us at to let us know and we can send a quiz to that person up to one week early.

Q: What happens if a player forgets to take a quiz?

A: We try to gently remind players as the deadline approaches. However, if they don’t take the quiz in time, they will be given a 0.

Q: How can we get the most out of the Colleague Quiz League?

A: Communicate, collaborate, and create awards. We’ll facilitate some of this, but creating a private channel for banter and encouraging outgoing employees to take the lead goes a long way.

Q: What if we love the CQL and want to do it again?

A: You absolutely can! The league can be repeated with all new quizzes and additional participants. We’re so confident you’re going to love it that we offer discounts for pre-purchasing multiple seasons.
(Sporcle employees are going into their fourth season of the CQL and it’s doubled in participants since our first go-round.)

Q: Can’t people just cheat and look up answers without you knowing?

A: We have a cheating robot.  He lives in your home to make sure you don’t cheat.  Just trust us.  He’s there.  In all seriousness, we have a few measures in place to prevent this, but we simply recommend people don’t look up answers. Your colleagues won’t be impressed with your ability to use Google.

Q: How do we sign up for a Colleague Quiz League?

A: Email!

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