Colleague Quiz League Official Rules

Each weekday, a Sporcle host shares the link to a 15-question quiz from with all CQL participants in a Slack/Teams channel (or similar). The quizzes cover a variety of general knowledge topics, so everyone has a chance to get something right. Participants will need to login to their account and complete each day’s quiz by the deadline of 11:59pm EST; any quizzes not taken by that time will result in a forfeit and a ringing of the shame bell.

After 11:59pm EST, Sporcle’s quizzing robot will grade the quizzes, tabulate the scores, and update the standings. Participants will be sent a recap of how the quiz went - including details like the average score, percentage correct, what were the hardest and easiest questions, and similar bits of color commentary to keep everyone engaged and stoke the flames of competition.

How to Get Started

All of the quizzes are played on  In order to track your scores, you need to have signed up for a free account.  Here are the steps to get started:

1 - Visit and signup for a free account.

2 - Be sure to follow @SporcleCQL on Sporcle.  To do so, click the “follow” button on our profile here.

3 - Let your league organizer know your username so you can be added to the list of participants.

4 - Play the qualification quiz, which will be posted along with the signup info.

The CQL Schedule:

Pre Day 1:  Signups and a 25-question qualification quiz to determine your starting bucket.

Days 1-5:  A 15-question quiz each day where you try to get a better score than your opponent.  The top players in each bucket at week’s end move up and the bottom players move down.

Days 6-10:  More head-to-head matchups with the buckets and standings refreshed.

Days 11-15:  More head-to-head matchups with the buckets and standings refreshed again.

Days 16-20:  Playoffs!  See more below.

About the Quizzes

1 - While you can play the quizzes on desktop or mobile, desktop will deliver a much better overall experience in terms of scrolling/typing.

2 - Multiple guesses are allowed and encouraged for each answer. If you answer correctly, the answer will pop up on the screen. If nothing pops up, you can delete what you've typed and try a new answer.

3 - Most questions allow for a small degree of spelling errors in your answers. Again, if you're close enough, the answer will pop up on the screen.

4 - If the answer is a person's name, last names are acceptable (unless stated otherwise).

5 - You are free to use the pause button in the case that someone calls, the dog needs to go outside, your kid spilled their breakfast everywhere, or other interruptions.

6 - If you attempt to look up an answer somewhere, your computer or mobile device will explode. And we mean a massive explosion. Don't do it! …In all seriousness, out of respect for your fellow colleagues, please answer everything using only your noodle and not your Google. Win it fair and square.

7 - All quizzes are due by 11:59pm.

How Do The Buckets Work?

At the start of the season you are placed in a bucket with other quizzers. Your bucket placement is determined based on the results of the qualification quiz. This ensures you play against other quizzers of a similar skill level.

At the end of weeks one and two, we refresh the buckets by promoting the top players to a higher bucket and relegating the lower performing players to a lower bucket.

Head-to-Head Matchups

Each day you will play a 15-question quiz (on your time). You’ll be up against one other player from your bucket.  If you beat their score, you earn two points in the standings.  If you tie their score, you earn one point in the standings.  If you don’t beat their score, you still get a virtual high five. 

The Standings

After each day of quizzing is complete, the standings will be updated.  

The standings are sorted by Points, followed by wins, followed by Total Correct Answers (TCA).

The Playoffs

The final week of the quiz league is a single-elimination tournament where one overall champion is crowned.  The size of the bracket is dependent on the size of the league.  Typical bracket sizes are 8, 16, and 32. For those players who don’t make the playoffs, they play in a consolation tournament to determine their final ranking.

How to Make the Playoffs:
1 - Be in first place in your bucket at the end of any week.

2 - Earn a Wild Card Spot.  Wild card spots are given equally to the players with the most points in the standings that didn’t win a bucket and the players with the most overall total correct answers who didn’t win a bucket.

For the players that make the playoffs, their seed in the bracket is based on total correct answers.

In the Meantime…

Check out for all your trivia and quizzing needs!

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